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On more than one occasion you've probably come across files compressed in RAR format that you haven't been able to open because they were corrupted. You won't have to go through all that trouble ever again once you download Advanced RAR Repair. This program analyzes RAR files and recovers anything that may have been lost. Repair corrupted or damaged RAR files It's a rather simple tool that is capable of operating by simply dragging and dropping the file on the interface. Furthermore it doesn't replace the original file but sends it to a new location indicated by the user instead. Amongst its main functions we have to point out the following: Bulk file repairs. Multivolume file repairs. Password-protected file repairs. It's a program that due to its simplicity can be used by almost any user that requires a tool of this nature. Furthermore it can be carried around with you wherever you go as it's portable and doesn't need to be installed.

Advanced RAR Repair For Windows Download

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