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Multimedia players can be counted by the dozen in the Windows universe. There are thousands of them available over the Internet. However finding multimedia players for Windows that turn out to be universal and that we can be used on both tablets and computers can be slightly more complicated. However we just need to take a look around the Windows Store to find this media player for PC with a wide range of interesting functions and options. We're talking about ACG Player one of the best programs in its category when we refer to modern audio and video players. One of the most complete options in its sector When it comes to multimedia players we can find those that are extremely simple and minimalistic as well as those that try to cover every single field. In the case of ACG Player there's a bit of both worlds as it's full of decent options that intend to increase the usefulness of the program but without sacrificing usability or efficiency. In this sense we can find from colorful and fun scenes to play music (which can be expanded via the web) to options to enhance the sound or even improve the aspect of subtitles when it comes to playing videos. This player comes along with a wide range of options that are well worth taking into account when it comes to choosing a universal media player.

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