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The game of the year on the Internet now has its Windows version. It's a rather simple game that has drawn the attention of millions of gamers: Become the biggest of them all The scenario is a white grid on which different sized color blobs move around. Each blob is an online player that has to grow by eating other blobs. To manage to survive the idea is quite simple: eat the small ones and flee from the big ones. Small and fast big and slow. As in all casual games the graphics aren't as important as the game's capacity to keep us entertained and the different strategy possibilities that each player can adopt. In this case the player has to make the most of his speed when small stay close to the green viruses to survive and once bigger know where to position himself to be able to grow as now he'll be slower than before. Create alliances to increase your score. Furthermore you can make alliances and even play with your friends to have an even better experience. To finish off a piece of advice: if it's the first time you're playing and you can't stop being eaten up don't give up. The gamer community has loads of experience but you'll catch up with them quickly. For Windows Download

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