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There are many advanced image editors that include a wide range of options to modify your photos but there are occasions on which the only thing that you need is a simple editor that will allow you to apply small changes. And on these occasions one of the best tools available is iPhotoDraw. Apply small modifications to your images iPhotoDraw is a free tool that allows you to add texts and small indicators to the images something that can come in very handy to be able to highlight certain data that you want to make sure that doesn't go unnoticed. Among the options available in iPhotoDraw those worth highlighting are: Add text with the possibility to choose the size font and color. Add all kinds of geometric figures to mark an area of an image or simply cover something. Indicative arrows that can be used among other things to indicate a distance. Add text or even image balloons that will allow you to include one image within another. Thanks to these features iPhotoDraw is the perfect application to be able to complete all kinds of minor modifications to your photos. Download iPhotoDraw for free.

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