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Cross-stitch is a sewing technique that can be used amongst other things to bring images to pieces of fabric. If you're following the footsteps of your grandma and you also like sewing and drawing Crosti is a tool that you'll find very useful. It's an application that allows us to transform any image into a schematic color design that can be represented with our needle. It comes along with all the functions necessary to modify images and turn them into templates o be used for our sewing designs. Main features These are the main functions of Crosti the application that you have to download if you want to be the best hipster in your neighborhood: Turn any picture into a template to do cross-stitch works. Edit your designs. Save and print the designs you've created. DMC and Anchor color palettes. Use images in different formats such as BMP GIF JPG JPEG PNG or SVG. Export your work to different formats of the likes of JPEG ICO BMP PDF or PNG.

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