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The creator of Cube World has even had to admit it: he has declared that the creation of this video game was inspired by titles of the likes of Minecraft Zelda Secret of Mana Monster Hunter Diablo or World of Warcraft. Therefore here we're going to find an exploration construction and role-playing sandbox game with huge pixels. Explore endless worlds that are created randomly It's a game with colorful scenarios that are generated endlessly and randomly and which we can create our solves with all sorts of geographical and orographical elements to share them with the rest of users. Therefore if you were looking for a free alternative to Minecraft you should take a look at this world of blocks and its features: Unlimited endless worlds. Loads of different kinds of landscapes. Different game skills such as climbing swimming diving or sailing amongst others. Dungeon mazes to be explored. Loads of missions to be completed. Play with different sorts of characters such as explorers warriors or mages and make them evolve and progress. Fight against other players and creatures that threaten your survival. Capture and tame animals. Without a doubt a great game for all those fans of sandbox adventure and role-playing games that have nothing to envy of Minecraft.

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