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If your work is related with the world of CAD it's more than probable that you'll use AutoCAD or Bricscad for your projects two of the most powerful programs of this sector. CivilCAD is a program which works in combination with them to offer additional features to automate and simplify the work with these products. CivilCAD is made up of different modules each one of them related with a variant of CAD design. Topography water and sewer systems roads... Create a customized application thanks to these flexible options. Features Work with the features of AutoCAD and other CAD design programs more comfortably and efficiently. Basic topographic module expandable by means of other modules. Perfect integration with the program's menu bar. Data annotation. Calculate data and create building boxes. Create level curves with the Delauney triangulation algorithm. Generate terrain and section profiles. Focused on civil and topographic engineering. Improve the features of your usual CAD design software once you download CivilCAD. Enjoy the AutoCAD basic module or take advantage of the expansions at your reach and find solutions to the usual problems of professional design and modeling.

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