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Both Capcom (in charge of the development of Street Fighter and Resident Evil among others) and NeoGeo (King of Fighters Puzzle Bubble and Metal Slug) are two of the most admired companies in video gaming history due to the fact that they boosted the quality of arcade games. Revive the best games from the arcade salons Now we will be able to enjoy those games at home thanks to Kawaks an emulator specialized in arcade games created by Capcom and NeoGeo and that is very easy to use despite all the options that it has available. Among the games that are compatible we will find King of Fighters Street Fighter Panic Bomber Goal! Goal! Goal! Windjammers Samurai Shodown Street Hoop and many others. Among the Kawaks options that are worth highlighting we will find the fullscreen mode full management of the resources used by the emulator capacity to use Winamp as a Jukebox and a ROM and saved game manager.

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