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Piriform is the development studio behind tools as interesting as CCleaner the app to optimize our PC's performance (also available for Android) or Recuva with which we can recover all sorts of deleted files. They've also come up with Speccy the benchmarking app with which we can find out anything about our computer's hardware components. Take your benchmarking tool with you wherever you go And they've also developed a version of this tool that doesn't require any kind of installation Speccy Portable therefore we can carry it around on a USB stick and use it on any PC even if don't have permissions to install software. These are the areas which this application is capable of analyzing: Operating system. CPU. Peripherals. Sound devices. Motherboard. RAM memory. Graphics card. Hard drives. Optical units. With a quick and simple analysis we'll be to find all the basic information about our computer's hardware to carry out a PC diagnosis which we can be very useful if we combine it with the above-mentioned CCleaner to fix any kind of possible problem.

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