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Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek For Windows Reviews

Hello Neighbor has become one of the most popular indie titles of the last few years. Its stealth horror adventure game formula in which our mission is to break into the house of our disturbing neighbor in order to unveil his secrets was highly acclaimed by many users whether youngsters or experienced gamers as it reminded them of classic titles such as Alone in the Dark. The prequel to Hello Neighbor And taking advantage of this success its developers have released Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek the prequel to the story told in the first game which now takes us back to the precise moment at which Mr. Peterson our neighbor became a widow (his wife dies in uncleared circumstances). He and his kids don't seem to be coping well with their loss leading to the main plot of this video game. The gameplay is very similar having to control Mya a little girl that has to hide from her brother that seems to have some strange impulses towards her. Therefore our mission will be to find hideouts to keep the little girl safe having to solve different puzzles for such purpose. Download Hide & Seek by the developers of Hello Neighbor and find out all about the story that has led Mr. Peterson to what he is.

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek For Windows Download

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