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The 3D cinema era has arrived. Would you like to play your videos in three dimensions from your computer? With 3D Video Player you will be able to do so. It is a player with which you will be able to view any videos in a conventional format with the appearance of a 3D video. 3D Video Player adds a stereoscopic layer to the videos that simulates the 3D effect. Movies in 3D To be able to watch a film in three dimensions it has to be recorded in 3D. But thanks to 3D Video Player this is no longer so as we will be able to watch any film we have stored on our PC with a very similar effect. When you launch 3D Video Player you will be able to play the videos by dragging an dropping them onto your interface. They will automatically start playing normally. To apply the 3D effect you will simply have to click on the 3D button and the video will start playing in that format. Main features Can be played on fullscreen. Requires the use of special glasses (anaglyph red-cyan) to appreciate the 3D effect. Simple and practical interface. Supports the most common video formats (AVI MKV MP4 FLASH WMV QuickTime 3GP HD Video or DVD). Download 3D Video Player and enjoy films in 3D without having to go to the cinema.

3D Video Player For Windows Download

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