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AutoCAD isn't the only application used by CAD professionals when working there are also dozens of applications like gCAD3D that aren't so powerful and complete like this renowned software that can do the job perfectly well. This software is relatively simple but it can accomplish to cover all expectations in the majority of 3D design projects what's more it has various export and import tools that make it compatible with many of programs of its category. On the other hand it generates all the graphics by means of the OpenGL libraries it integrates a geometry interpreter an NC processor and a program interface with full support for plug-ins. In other words gCAD3D is a program that is more than valid application that improves version after version to offer more quality and options that is totally free and that can be used in any project without any problem something that makes it ideal for students and small design studios. So download gCAD3D now you won't regret it.

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