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Citra is definitely one of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC. It's a development carried out by several developers and distributed under GPL license therefore it's free to download and use. Enjoy playing the best 3DS games on your computer It's equipped with a really simple user interface without any design frills from where we can load the ROMs of the video games and configure all aspects relative to emulation such as the image quality audio or controls. Apart from that it's a fast-working and stable emulator where we can play the best titles developed by Nintendo for this portable video console. There's a long list of games compatible with this program but you obviously won't be able to find them in this download having to resort to other webs to get hold of them: Animal Crossing The Legend of Zelda Pokémong X/Y or Sonic Generations are just some of them. Finally we have to point out that this installation offers us the possibility to use Citra Nightly the stable version of this emulator and also Canary which incorporates the latest updates and modifications introduced by the development team.

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