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The ease with which we can currently take our office and data on a pendrive or USB memory sometimes has as a result that these small devices end up containing really important information. That's why it's sometimes better to encrypt it just in case it gets lost. USB Safeguard will allow you to encrypt the contents of any USB pendrive as well as offering you other interesting security utilities and tools. Encrypt the content of your USB sticks Knowing that many users work with pendrives in cybercafes and other public places USB Safeguard includes a small utility to delete the browsing data passwords and other information that may be registered on your PC while you use it. Thanks to this and with the help of the encryption of our USB we can make sure that nobody is going to bother us or steal our information. USB Safeguard can be installed on any pendrive formatted as FAT16 FAT32 or NTFS and will run from it as if it were a portable application at all times. Thus we won't have to worry about our data and our privacy no matter where we go.

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