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Dancing is probably one of the most entertaining exercises that we can practice because it allows us to enjoy music while we work out. Now we can enjoy dancing and the best rhythms thanks to machines like Dance Dance Revolution that have become the most popular machines in game arcades across the world. If you want to enjoy a similar game in your house you can do so thanks to Stepmania a dance game emulator that will allow you to have fun by using a USB 'dance pad' a gamepad or the keyboard of your computer. Stepmania introduces us to the world of dancing with a game system in which we'll have to follow the steps that the game indicates by means of arrows that follow the rhythm of the music. In a very colorful and rather disco style environment we'll be able to enjoy quite a few songs that can be downloaded directly from the Stepmania website. Learn to dance like Tony Manero with this great title.

Stepmania For Windows Download

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