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Nowadays there's a wide range of threats that can access our computer by means of our downloads. To protect ourselves against the viruses and malware that infest the Internet we can make use of Fireclam a Firefox add-on that analyzes all the files we download from Mozilla's web browser. Use ClamAV to analyze your downloads from Firefox. How it works How Fireclam works is very simple. You only need two things: to install Fireclam on our Firefox and to have to have ClamWin installed. Then we have to tell the add-on where the antivirus's executable and database are located. From there on Fireclam will analyze the files we download searching for viruses. There are two possibilities: If Fireclam doesn't find any dangerous contents we won't receive any sort of notification. If Fireclam detects a virus we'll be shown a window indicating the name and location of the infected file. Create an additional protective barrier on your browser to make sure your downloads are safe with Fireclam.

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