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If you have a cybercafe business or are in charge of a gaming room you will need a powerful tool that will allow you to manage all your terminals. To end up with an efficient result you can try out CyberAdmin. It is a program with useful tools that will allow you to have full control over all the terminals that are part of your business with a simple and intuitive interface. CyberAdmin's modules The application is divided into two modules: Client module that is the part that is installed on all the terminals. Server module that will serve to control all the terminals from your computer. Server Module This part of CyberAdmin will allow you to carry out a large amount of control on all the terminals obtain statistics and check diverse information. Among its functions its worth highlighting: Control the status of the terminals as well as being able to control the printouts that take place on the computer the pages that are scanned or the CD's that are burnt. Turn off or reboot any computer on the network. Filter the contents of the websites that the users can visit. Manage the business's invoicing. Creation of reports about several statistics. Don't think about it twice and obtain a useful helping hand for your business. Download CyberAdmin for free.

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