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TimePassages is an astrology prediction application that allows you to create natal cards view transit dates view progressions or compatibility reports about the person the chart is about and somebody else. Get nearer the world of astrology and mystique thanks to this innovating software. Avoid having to visit a personal shaman or local medium any more thanks to TimePassages you will be capable of performing astrological queries with hardly a few clicks of the mouse. Furthermore the software is backed by some of the most important professionals of the field so you can rely on the fact that the data will be correct. The software offers interactive interpretations transit and progression charts in time for specific predictions. You will find 20 astrological reference points among which you will see the sun the moon the eight standard planets different methods of astrological houses calculations like Koch or Porfirio calculations with periodical adjustments planetary patterns... The complete graphical interface of TimePassages will help you to understand the interpretation of the results. Furthermore the software includes a starter guide to learn about the world of astrology something that will come in very handy if these are your first steps in this field. With TimePassages your destiny will no longer be an uncertainty.

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