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When you start using Sublime Text what will strike you most is its colorful minimalistic interface. This text editor specialized in code has all the features necessary to be able to create and edit code comfortably. One of the objectives of the development of Sublime Text is to avoid distractions and to achieve the maximum efficiency when it comes to locating code and text lines. Practical features and functions The interface can be customized changing the color of both the background as well as the fonts with 22 possible combinations. The Minimap function allows you to browse the code in a quick and efficient manner. Fullscreen mode to avoid distractions. Syntax highlighting system for a large variety of languages: C C++ C# CSS HTML Groovy Java JavaScript LaTeX MATLAB Perl PHP Python Ruby SQL TCL... Autosave function. Comfortable code edition Sublime Text allows you to have several documents open at the same time organizing them by means of tabs. It has a large variety of tools to edit code including the option to automate several actions. Supports the inclusion of snippets and macros and its features can be expanded by adding plug-ins. Download and try out Sublime Text. A code editor that won't go unnoticed.

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