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The use of mobile devices and wireless networks as well as the greater bandwidth of Internet connections have favored the use of cloud storage services and the possibility to send large files over the Internet. Dropbox Google Drive or OneDrive are some of the most known services but not precisely the fastest. Infinit places all its effort on such a key aspect like speed. P2P protocol to speed up and guarantee privacy when it comes to transferring files. With Infinit you'll have a very fast online file transfer service. In fact it's capable of reducing in over 50% the time taken by the next fastest service to upload a file to the Internet. But it includes other features such as how easy it is to use or its unlimited upload capacity that make it a perfect alternative to the most popular services. And if you're concerned about your security there's no need to worry because documents will be transferred between the sender and the recipient by means of the P2P protocol without storing anything on servers or third parties accessing the contents. Main features Service to send files. P2P protocol that guarantees security and privacy. Easy to use by means of Drag & Drop. File encryption. Resume downloads after network disconnections. Playback of multimedia files received via streaming. Transfer history. Notifications. Fast simple secure private stable... Do you need any more reasons to download Infinit?

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