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If you like point-and-click adventure games which also happen to be rather horny then Summertime Saga is the game for you. You will control the fate of a young man with hormonal imbalances in a setting full of women in sexy clothing. Out-of-control hormones and a criminal sub-plot After the recent death of his father this young man will have to face up to going back to college and gettting to the bottom of the mysterious circumstances surrounding it. He discovers that his father owed money to a criminal gang with this only being the biggest of his problems. So the rest of the avatars are all about his relationships with the women around him... let's see whether he can hug and kiss them phew. The game has a cast of more than 60 characters dozens of settings and all kinds of puzzles and mini-games typical of a graphical adventure of this kind. But we know that you are not here for the script and the coherence of the storyline but rather because you can't get enough with just the websites full of naked people. You're gonna get blisters. The game is free but you can become a donor through Partreon and get all kinds of exclusive content and keep up with new features and updates.

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