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Listening to a song you really love and you want to hear it again? But what's it called? Who sings it? With Shazam you'll never have these problems ever again. Instantly find out what song is playing. Shazam became popular due to its practical music identification service which all music fans had been wanting for a long time. But it offers us many more things apart from that. Shazam's wide range of possibilities The functionalities included in Shazam make it an essential program for all music lovers: Identify that song that's playing and that you really like. Find the lyrics of your favorite songs. Watch the music videos of your favorite artists. Access a wide music catalog and purchase songs from iTunes. Share with your friends. All in all discover new music and broaden your horizons with the version for Mac of the best music identification service. What's new in the latest version Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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