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This 2015 is definitely the year of the Star Wars comeback... yet again. To start getting hyped up about the much-awaited Episode VII: The Force Awakens we can take a look at the new game set in the Star Wars universe edited by Electronic Arts. Live epic battles on a galactic scale. Star Wars Battlefront is basically an FPS first-person shooter (although we can change to third person during the game) that comes to complete the Battlefront saga started back in 2004 although we can't consider it a sequel to the previous titles but rather a reboot. Classic settings and characters During the game the player will travel around different planets from the Star Wars saga like Endor Hoth o Tatooine on board classic vehicles that are well known by the fans of these movies such as TIE fighters speeder bikes AT-AT or even the Millennium Falcon. As you can see the combats take place by land and air. Choose between the Rebel Alliance or the Empire In Star Wars Battlefront the gamer can take on the role of a rebel soldier or an imperial stormtrooper as well as loads of popular Star Wars characters like Han Sole Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. Furthermore other famous characters also make a cameo although you can't play with them. Online multiplayer mode available Despite being able to play offline and complete missions individually the best thing about this game is its online multiplayer mode in which up to 40 players can take part in the same game exploring the 12 maps available. If you're a real Star Wars fan don't hesitate to try out the latest game based on this saga in which you'll fight epic battles around the universe spiced up with incredibly realistic graphics. May the Force be with you.

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