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Communicating at work is a very important aspect that sometimes isn't taken into account as it should and that can improve our productivity significantly. Slack is an application aimed at optimizing it to the maximum extent. Faster than email and totally organized. It's based on the creation of a communications area conceived to create different workspaces. All the latter based on tasks projects or business areas that can increase the fluidity of communications. Among its many different functions and features we can point out the following: Creation of groups and channels for different work projects. Share information and files in real-time. Integration of other online storage communications and social networks applications. Text search tools for conversations. Push notifications. Automatic synchronization with other platforms and mobile devices. Detailed activity registry. No information is lost Since it's a project aimed at the workspace it keeps a complete registry of all the activities that take place hereby. Thus any information or detail can be quickly located becoming a very appropriate support to make sure work teams are always in touch.

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