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TimeShift is a first person shooter that is based on its fictional plot as an excuse to incorporate some of the weapons and resources that the player will have available. The latter will wear one of the two suit prototypes with functions such as controlling time or healing the wounds of the person who wears it. The player's target is to defeat Doctor Krone who has stolen the other suit and you will obviously have to face his hordes of soldiers as well. Time as your main offensive resource In TimeShift distributed by Sierra Entertainment the player's skill to use time control as yet another weapon will put to the test. This resource allows you to stop the clock to dodge bullets or steal weapons from your enemies creating temporal paradoxes that you will have to solve as if they were puzzles. The drawback is that this time control cannot be used lightly as it consumes the suit's energy. Features First person shooter action game. Suit with time control and modification functions. Solve temporal paradoxes created by using time control. Saber3D engine v.S2 used in Will Rock. High graphical quality with special attention to lighting and the environment's distortion caused by the time manipulation. Destructible game setting. Solo and multiplayer game mode. How to control the time depends on the game mode played. TimeShift has high quality graphics that adapt to the game's circumstances including temporal elements. As well as the different game modes we can also play solo or in multiplayer mode that includes the formats: all against all capture the flag or team mode in which time control takes the shape of time grenades turning TimeShift into an excellent FPS which is worth the while.

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