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There are loads of tools out there to convert and edit videos but hardly any of them are as powerful as VideoProc. This is the version for Mac almost a must for anyone that needs a program to carry out this kind of operation on their video files. Much more than a video converter Its capacity to convert videos thanks to its great processing power is beyond any doubt. Unmindful of the size of the video and the camera used to record it (DJI 4K cameras GoPro...) it's capable of carrying out all sorts of conversion and compression tasks perfectly regardless of the format or quality. But that's not all because it also offers us the possibility to edit the files: crop cut merge adjust... in other words with this program we'll have everything we need to work with gross videos to leave them perfect for their presentation and viewing on any kind of device. Main features These are the main features of VideoProc that also stands out for its function to download videos from streaming sites of the likes of YouTube or Vimeo: Video conversion function compatible with the most common formats but also others that aren't so popular: 4K/1080p 4K MP4 AVI MTS AVCHD H.264 MPEG4 HEVC/H.265… Editing functions that allow us to merge different videos crop fragments add subtitles... it also offers us the possibility to customize the quality and size of the video by adjusting codecs resolution FPS bitrate... Download video and audio from over 100 sites such as Facebook YouTube Vimeo... Function that allows us to record videos from a webcam. Greater speed than the majority of alternatives thanks to its hardware acceleration. Compatible with over 370 video codecs which allows us to work with multitrack videos 4K videos ISO images video camera MODs... Capable of converting ISO images DVD images and folders to formats that allow us to store them safely. Function to carry out backups on DVDs. Adaptation of formats to all kinds of platforms: iOS devices SmartTV video consoles Windows Android... 6 different DVD backup modes. VideoProc is one of the best tools out there for video editing and enhancement and that guarantees satisfactory results compared to those offered by professional software.

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