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The distribution of the information of a hard drive may seem of little importance for the vast majority of users but due to the increase in their size and to the large amount of information that they can actually accumulate it is a good idea to have an application like Disk Space Finder to view who its distributed. View the distribution as a graphic The basic working of Disk Space Finder is relatively simple because from a very clear interface is shows all the storage units that are connected in any way to the computer (hard drives optical discs and USB storage units) showing their total capacity and the space that they still have free by means of bar graphs. But this isn't the main function of Disk Space Finder because by selecting a disk unit the program will start analyzing it to show a detailed pie chart of how the information is distributed throughout the hard drive offering the possibility to show the specific information about each of the disk's folders. Therefore if you want to find out how your information is distributed on your computer's hard drives you only have to download Disk Space Finder.

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