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To be able to easily organize your music collection you need to have all the files perfectly tagged. That's the exact purpose of Tagalicious which will take care of converting a library full of indecipherable names into a clear and well organized music library. Tagalicious is a metadata editor that can find and complete the tags of your MP3 files automatically. It will show you the metadata assigned but also new metadata that can be found once the program has searched on the web. Features Organize all your music by means of tags. Perfect integration with iTunes to export the data. Can also find covers and lyrics of the songs. Includes an audio analysis tool. Editing the metadata instantly Once you have synchronized your music folders Tagalicious offers you in one column the metadata of each song and in another the data you can add to the file. A simple click will do everything necessary to synchronize these changes with iTunes. Download Tagalicious tag your files and keep your music organized.

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