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If you need to extract a sound sample adapt a song for a video or modify a track to your own liking you need an audio editor that as well as allowing you to extract samples and apply all kinds of effects is compatible with the current audio file formats and isn't very difficult to use. Very easy-to-use audio editor Free Audio Editor is an application that complies with all the requirements to become that ultimate audio tool for any user because in a single interface it integrates all the things necessary to work with any file record sound from any of our sound cards input feeds rip audio CDs and burn optical discs with the results of our work. The application has an editing menu that will allow us to modify any of the files aspects (as long as they are MP3 WMA WAV or OGG) from the length the tempo or the tone. It also includes a collection of effects among which we will find delays reverbs chorus filters and tools to restore audio. Free Audio Editor also allows you to convert files between the supported formats and to create batch processes by means of which to apply the same effect or process a full series of files. If you were looking for an application with which to work with audio in an easy way Free Audio Editor is the perfect solution for what you were looking for.

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