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Editing audio files can really turn out to be very difficult if we don't use the correct application. There are dozens of editing applications that allow it but most of them are very complicated to use. That's why Free Audio Dub is perfect for users that only want to cut a few seconds from a song. An audio editor simplified to the max With Free Audio Dub we'll be able to edit MP3 WAV AAC AC3 MP2 OGG and WMA audio files to cut the selected section and to eliminate silence from the start and end of a file. An application that can seem rather simple but that actually works out very handy for for example editing an audio file we want to use as a tune for our mobile. The application's interface is really simple using only the necessary buttons to load the audio file indicate where to start and where to finish cutting and little more. Simplified as much as possible. The best thing about Free Audio Dub is that you don't need to recode the file each time we tweak it because it simply cuts it. This can seem like something trivial but it's actually a real time saver.

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