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Each day it is more common to have multiple tasks and things to do something that ends up being a problem because it is impossible to control all the pending projects unless you use a software application like GTD-Free. Full control over your tasks GTD-Free is a simple application that allows the user to save all the tasks together in a database in such a way that it will be possible to assign a priority to each of them making it a lot easier to finish everything correctly. Add a tag to each task To make working with each of the tasks easier GTD-Free allows to create different sections without the three main tags that are normally used: action someday/maybe reference. The interface is rather basic and places all the emphasis on the distribution of the tasks in such a way that the user will be able to clearly see which projects are pending and which part of each project is the most important at any given time. Therefore if you have to manage different projects at the same time and you need an application that will make it a lot easier download GTD-Free.

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