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We are sure that you have played Hangman more than once. Hangman Pro for Windows is a new version that will place this guessing game on your computer. You will have to guess which words or sentences are hidden in the blank spaces. Choose the correct letters because if you don't you will end up being hung. Expand your vocabulary Thanks to Hangman you will be able to practice your vocabulary very easily. The game will allow you to choose between various categories and you will have to guess the word that is hidden in the blank spaces. For example you will be able to choose the animals category and then guess which animal it is. Some of the categories that are available are: Anatomy Authors Films Colors Cities Presidents Planets When you start a new game you will be able to see the blank spaces for the word or sentence which you have to guess at the bottom of the interface. Under these blank spaces you will also be able to see the alphabet. You will only have to choose letters and check if they are in the word hidden by Hangman. If you guess correctly the letter will be placed in its place. If you are wrong an element will be added to the gallows. You will be able to choose the amount of errors which will cause the character to hang. Download Hangman Pro for Windows and learn vocabulary while you have a good time playing.

Hangman For Windows Download

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