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If you liking fishing nothing better than to practice according to the traditional methods without any more help than that of your breath-holding capacity and your good aim. Take a deep breath Depth Hunter is a spearfishing simulator that forgets about modern equipment you dive into the water with the only help of your harpoon. Use your snorkel and your harpoon and fish as many different fish as possible. You will have to complete many and stimulating missions that you will be entrusted in order to capture species of all kinds and checking the difficulty of this traditional fishing method. And in the meantime you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the marine fauna which has been perfectly detailed to accomplish the maximum sensation of realism. Features Complete the 25 missions available. Combat dangers hidden under the water. Compatible with gamepads. 4 different game modes: sub aquatic fishing treasure hunting underwater photography and a freestyle mode. Fishing like your ancestors In this fishing method that used to be used for survival you have to use a mechanical harpoon and it's currently practiced as a sport by many people. The key point lies in the fisher's lung capacity because you have to breathe deeply before plunging towards the depths in search of your objective and also in your coordination to effectively use your harpoon to capture the fish. Download Depth Hunter and enjoy spearfishing on your computer screen.

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