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In the last few years action role-playing games have gained a large presence within the RPG genre and this is mainly due to the launching of what is probably the best futuristic role-playing game seen to the date: Mass Effect. Commander Shepard's cycle comes to an end As the developers at BioWare were quick to explain after the success of Mass Effect the series dedicated to the story of Commander Shepard will come to an end in Mass Effect 3 where the reaper threat has reached such a level that they have even attacked the Earth directly. Gather your attack group As in the prior installments of the game saving the known universe will be up to Commander Shepard but to be able to manage his objective he will have to make sure that he recruits a special forces attack group among which we will find the possibility to see old friends (Garrus Ashley William or Liara T'Soni) and other new ones. Each of the members of the group will help Shepard to accomplish his objective by means of their special skills because they all have specific training and it will be very important to choose properly with which team to confront a specific mission. You decide your path If there is something that most players treasure about role-playing games is that they have the possibility to choose what focus they want their character to have because as they advanced along Mass Effect 3 they will be able to choose which skills Commander Shepard will specialize on. New game mode: online Mass Effect 3 finally introduces an option that hadn't been available up until now in the game and that many players were asking for an online game mode. In the co-operative game mode the players will have the possibility to unlock new games areas equipment and character classes together with another three players over a network. All the characters will start with the same options (human soldiers) but completing the missions and training they will be able to change their race so as to be able to complete the complicated missions they are entrusted with. What are you waiting for? Download Mass Effect 3 for free and discover the end of one of the most important game sagas of the last few years.

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