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Site Specific Browser is a tool with which you will be able to convert the websites that you use most into applications. For example you will be able to create a Facebook program have it on your desktop and access that social network without having to use a web browser. In other words the idea is to simplify the access to these websites to make it easier and more comfortable. SSB: site-specific browser This kind of programs are dedicated to offering the possibility to easily access a website simplifying some of the complex functions of any web browser. In this way it will be possible to eliminate menus taskbars and other superfluous elements. These applications are normally used to access social networks (Facebook Twitter MySpace etc.) web-based electronic mail clients and the main download websites. Transform any website into an application. How does it work Site Specific Browser is very easy-to-use. These are the steps you have to follow to create an application: Download the Site Specific Browser executable. With the program closed change the name of the executable writing the name of the website for example: When you launch the program a window will open with the indicated website. To be able to create more applications all you will have to do is copy the file as many times as you want and change the name. Download Site Specific Browser free and use your favorite websites as applications.

Site Specific Browser For Windows Download

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