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The main characters in World of Goo are a set of small gooey balls that you will have to rescue and guide to allow them to reach the exit. You will be challenged with various situations in which you will have to join the balls in the best possible way to create structures that will save them from the different obstacles. In World of Goo you will need solutions to move along the screens overcoming the difficulties. If you want to have a good time you can now download World of Goo. How to play In World of Goo you have to guide the balls of goo along the various screens that you will encounter until you manage to guide them to the exit tube. To do so you will have to build structures with the balls until you reach the tube. It is important to take into account both the physical and meteorological factors so as to avoid destroying the structure. In World of Goo tricks will be very important to finish the levels successfully. A very entertaining and dynamic video game World of Goo will pose challenges that we will have to solve by applying logic and dexterity. The levels can be solved in many ways even though we will be rewarded according to the time that has gone by and the balls that you have saved. In World of Goo having a guide is very important to know the powers that each ball has so as to use them properly. You can now try World of Goo 2 and prove your skills.

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