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Music Download Center is the music station that any music lover needs. This program takes charge of browsing the network in search of the songs of your favorite artists download them on your hard drive so you can always enjoy them tune into hundreds of radio stations and share what you like on social networks. Not bad don't you think? The perfect substitute for LimeWire. Features Search and download Internet music and radio broadcasts without having to use additional programs. 9 different music search services. Provide the developers with your own suggestions from the program's interface. Allows you to search on Google and includes an integrated web browser. Create your own list of favorite radio broadcasts taking advantage of the possibility to filter by genre or decades. Share contents by email Facebook MySpace Twitter or a website. On the verge of legality The concept that this program is developed upon is without a doubt on the verge of legality. In fact once you open the software for the first time a window will notify you that in some countries downloading contents that is protected by copyright is a criminal offense. If this is your case you can always use it to tune into the radio or use the integrated web browser. Download all the music that you want from the Internet with Music Downloader Center. Make it as simple as you want thanks an interface that is rather familiar and while you are at it create your own radio station playlists browse the web and share the music that you discover with your friends.

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