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There is a vast amount of videos on the Internet. Why depend on your connection to watch then when you can download them to your computer and play then whenever you want or take them with you on your mobile phone. GotCLIP Downloader is a program with which you'll be able to download videos from several popular web storage websites in other words YouTube and similar websites even though it will also offer you the possibility to obtain the videos from other places like personal websites communities blogs... What has GotCLIP Downloader got to offer? Its developers highlight how easy it is to use and its great download speed. It must be said that the few configuration options it has to offer make it possible to download a video in three simple steps. Nevertheless the speed at which it downloads will depend directly on your connection's speed and the length of the video that you want to download. Features Download all the videos from a website automatically with the highest speed available. Cancel or pause and reactivate the downloads whenever you want perfect for those moments in which your Internet connection may not be available for any reason. Download more than one file at a time. Compatible with almost all the important video sites: YouTube Metacafe Vimeo Dailymotion... How does it work? Like many other similar applications you will only have to copy the URL where the video is hosted and paste it in the search box included in GotCLIP Downloader to start downloading. Once you press “Start” and select the folder where you want to store the file it will start downloading.

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