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Shank was a game that was received with rather wide acclaim despite being the classic Beat 'em up game with a side scrolling view where the objective is none other than to eliminate horde after horde of enemies with the help of the character's weapons mainly focused on hand to hand combats. A well-deserved second part And thanks to this success its developers have decided to launch a second part of the game Shank 2 using the same dynamics and introducing new enemies and scenarios where to combat in search of the same final objective: revenge! Incredible graphics One of the most noteworthy aspects of the first instalment for both players and critics alike were the great graphics used created using comic book art style both for the main game as well as for the movie scenes that were used as a nexus point between one scenario and another. Simple yet advanced controls In Shank 2 the player doesn't control the character only with a four axis controller or a few keyboard buttons like other similar games of this genre Beat 'em up games have evolved over the years and now are played using a keyboard and mouse combination or with an Xbox gamepad. Download Shank 2 and find out what's in store for you in this new instalment.

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