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There are many users that spend hours on end playing at the popular Facebook games: FarmVille and Farm Town. The biggest problem about these games is that on occasions it's necessary to click on multiple parts of the screen repetitively and normally as fast as possible task that can now be carried out automatically thanks to Speed Clicker. Forget about having to move your mouse The idea behind Speed Clicker is to avoid the user from having to move the mouse all over the screen to be able to harvest the fruit or vegetables because by means of a small command it simulates the mouse movements at a speed that is much higher than the speed achievable manually. The interface of Speed Clicker (aka ClickerApp) is very simple and only offers you the possibility to input two variables the speed at which it will automate the mouse clicks and a movement variable. Activating and deactivating this program is very simple because once it's open all we need to do is to press 'Ctrl' for it to start and 'Alt' to stop. Download Speed Clicker for free and forget about having to move the mouse all over the screen in FarmVille and Farm Town.

Speed Clicker For Windows Download

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