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Chameleon Buttons For Windows Reviews

The Windows application window offers very few possibilities to the user because it only allows you to minimize maximize or close the window. To be able to have more options available you can use Chameleon Buttons. Chameleon Buttons is a free application that is very light and that adds a few rather simple yet very practical options to the Windows application windows. Move the application windows however you want. What does the program allow me to do? Align the window to the left or right. Mark a window as always on top. Assign transparency to each window individually. Minimize to a miniature. Hide the buttons when a window is maximized. Only show the buttons for main windows. Therefore if you want to have a program that will allow you to customize your computer and maintain the desktop a lot more ordered download and install Chameleon Buttons on your computer it is free.

Chameleon Buttons For Windows Download

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