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If you are a radio ham you will definitely like Orbitron a satellite observation system specially created for you and for observation tasks even though it is also used in many other fields like meteorology communication satellite users astronomy UFO hobbyists and even nutty astrologers. Features View the position of the satellites at any moment in real time as well in simulated mode. NORAD SGP4/SDP4 prediction models. Load up to 20 000 satellites from TLE files and follow all of them at the same time. Keep track of the sun or the moon. Includes a fullscreen presentation mode. Allows advanced passes and includes an Iridium flares search engine. Real-time and simulation modes. Different visualization options including Nightlife mode to use at night. Obtain information about the orbits and write notes about each object. Complete database of world cities and satellite frequencies. Includes a radar. Use Q code and communicate Orbitron allows you to keep track of all the satellites in orbit from a single PC. By means of a predictable estimate of their movements it will be possible to calculate their position at any given time using their orbital parameters. If you're a radio ham Orbitron will allow you to use the Q code and establish the best QSO available with other users taking advantage of the movement of the satellites. Download Orbitron for free and enjoy your great passion as well as learning a little bit more about physics and astronomy.

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