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To manage to finish all the tasks that have to be completed throughout a day or to improve the efficiency of a studying period it is important to organize the time available properly. Flowkeeper is a program that will the user in this objective. This free application uses the pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique It is a technique to take full advantage of free time. You use a clock to divide the time that will be spent dedicated to a task into periods of 25 minutes that will be called pomodoros and that will be separated by 5 minutes pauses. In this way when you carry out a task you have to dedicate your full attention and stay concentrated for 25 minutes and when the time end you will be able to rest for 5 minutes. Thus you'll be able to concentrate on what you are doing and make the most of the dedicated time. Increase your productivity with this timer. How does Flowkeeper work When you launch Flowkeeper you will have to create a new plan for the day at hand. You will have to add tasks to a list and assign a number of pomodoros to each task (periods of 25 minutes). After that you will have to start the first task and a window with a chronometer that will keep track of the time till the next pause will open. When the time runs out the program will notify it with a sound notification. Thus you'll have to fulfill the concentration and rest periods until you manage to complete the tasks at hand. Flowkeeper also allows the possibility to view the work statistics of the finished tasks so as to check if the planned work has been accomplished or to notice what has failed. If you are studying Flowkeeper will help you to make the most of the time you have available and get full performance from your studying periods.

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