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There are games that users find appealing due to their stunning graphics and great realism while there are others like Backworlds that manage to get peoples attention due to the options that they offer. Not everything that you see is real The basic thing to take into account when playing Backworlds is that not everything that you see at a first glance has to be real because the game takes place on two planes at the same time. One full of color and light while the other is gloomy and monochromatic. The exit won't always be visible. Investigate and you will find it. The player controls some kind of weird dinosaur which has to move through the different levels in search of his objective but to be able to do so he has to combine elements from both planes because what is visible on one doesn't have to be the same on the other. The dynamics of Backworlds is very interesting and it is surprising what can be accomplished with a set of very simple controls (all that is necessary are three buttons and the mouse). Download Backworlds to try one of the most promising games around. And remember the important thing isn't always what you see it's what you don't.

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