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Luckily users have a free alternative to practically all the most popular paid applications. This is the case of office suites where we can find interesting options like OpenOffice and Lotus Symphony. Modules included Lotus Symphony is a very intuitive and easy-to-use office suite that is formed by the following modules: Lotus Symphony Documents a text processor to create documents with text format with the possibility to insert graphics. Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets to create spreadsheets. Lotus Symphony Presentations the application focus on the creation and editing of presentations. Main features Intuitive interface. Browse through the applications by means of tabs. Compatibility with the OpenOffice (ODF) and Microsoft Office documents Compatibility with the OpenOffice (ODF) and Microsoft Office documents. Support to import files from Office 2007. Possibility to export the documents to PDF format and the presentations to PDF or HTML. Support to protect the spreadsheets with a password. Even though Microsoft Office is still the main product in the business sector don't miss the chance to try out this free office suite Lotus Symphony.

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