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Tired of the boring Windows Explorer? Winnydows Commander is an innovating file explorer with a stylized visual interface that will allow us to browse through our files and interact with them like we hadn't done before. It has a tab-based browsing system that is similar to that of most Internet browser applications that will avoid the disorder that having many open windows can suppose. To its attractive graphic interface we have to add its capacity to easily perform tasks that usually require the use of several different applications. Thus it allows us to view and manage the files of devices like an iPhone/iPod or a PSP. It includes a function called 'Clean' by means of which we can instantly locate and eliminate all the temporary files. Not only does it play any kind of file it also allows us to apply filters and codecs as if it were a complete multimedia player. Winnydows Commander also has the capacity to compress photos in JPEG format so that it is simple to send them by email or our favorite instant messenger client. To make things a lost easier it has five predefined formats by means of which we won't have to touch anything: email storage iPhone iPod and PSP. A file explorer that will give your PC a modern look and expand the system's capacity.

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