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WinRSS is a practical feed reader with which it will be possible to be up-to-date about the latest news published on the Internet. It is a utility that is compatible with the main sources of syndicated news like RSS Atom RDF and XML. Once installed you will be able to access the information published on certain blogs and websites that are included by default in the application. But the most advisable thing to do is to configure it to have those feeds that will be of any use to us. The application works in the background on the system tray from which we will be able to access some options while we wait for new data to arrive. The presentation of the feeds and the news will be carried out within a window on the browser. To sum up some of the features offered by WinRSS are: - Syndication of news sources in RSS Atom RDF and XML format. - Activation and deactivation of the option to obtain notifications when we receive new news. - Possibility to import the feeds that have been added to other applications. - Access to application updates from the options menu. Access the latest digital news about contents of your interest from your home or work thanks to WinRSS.

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