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'Indie' or independent studios surprise us more and more each day with new game proposals that leave players totally amazed and one of the most noteworthy games has been the proposal brought to us by Playdead: LIMBO. Dodge the dangers to reach the end The beginning of LIMBO is incredible because the player will see how his character a small child wakes up in the middle of a forest in a totally inhospitable land. From that moment onwards and using very simple keyboard controls he will have to advance along the different scenarios dodging all the dangers and obstacles to be able to find out what has happened to his sister. LIMBO doesn't use state-of-the-art graphics but actually uses monochromatic graphics in a scale of grays but it has a spectacular level of detail providing at all times a sensation of danger for the character that will have to be careful to avoid ending up dead. Download LIMBO to discover one of the most promising games of the last few years.

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