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The Diner Dash game saga has been very successful all over the world among general entertainment games. Due to the latter a whole collection of other titles have been launched among which we can find Garden Dash. Helping Barb Unlike other titles of the saga in Garden Dash you will have to help Barb a successful business woman who has had to take a vacation due to the high-stress level that she reached. To be able to relax Flo has advised Barb to cultivate a garden. But instead of gardening in the country Barb decides to build a whole collection of urban gardens using abandoned areas of the city of DinerTown. Plant and maintain your own garden. Game Dynamics As in other titles of this kind you will have to give Barb different orders to make it possible to grow the different crops that she has available. Once you complete each level Barb will have to decide on what to spend her money and buy different improvements for her gardens. Therefore if you want to enjoy an entertaining game that isn't too profound download Garden Dash to your computer

Garden Dash For Windows Download

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