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In general each time you want to download an image or video from the Internet you need to open your browser and visit a site like Google or YouTube. That's only so if you don't have a tool like Media Downloader that will provide you with a shortcut to these sites and that will allow you to view and download their contents from the application itself. Search for files on Google and YouTube. Preview the results of your searches and differentiate them thanks to the color legend red for videos and blue for images. Play the files from the application. Download the contents straight to your computer. Establish the features format and quality of the videos that you download. Create presentations with the videos and images you find. View the search results as thumbnails... How it works Use the search box at the top of the interface to start searching for contents. Browsing through the different tabs of the interface you can access all the software functions. From the “Google” and “YouTube” tabs you'll be able to search directly in these services the rest of tabs will allow you to modify the download folder create presentations download the contents... Interface The interface of Media Downloader can easily be customized both in general as well as in the presentation of the thumbnails of the results. Modify how the results are presented by varying their size and distribution. Download Media Downloader for free and start searching viewing and downloading images and videos from the Internet straight from the program right now.

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